On a recent trip to Southern California, Jonathon Linaberry did the one thing he knows best: he wrote music. That it happened to be during his honeymoon mattered little to the New York-based musician. “I feel like I’m always writing,” the artist who performs as The Bones of J.R. Jones says with a laugh. “I feel ever more confident in the sound I’m trying to create.”

What has continued to define The Bones of J.R. Jones is the musician’s hypnotic live show. He operates as a one-man band — playing guitar, drums, and singing in unison, creating the feeling of a raucous blues band with more immediacy. However, as a result of his new album’s size and scope there has emerged a stirring impulse in him to bring other musicians onstage.. “These songs are big enough that if I wanted to have another drummer up there with me it would make sense,” he explains. “I’m trying to evolve the live show and the space it lives in.

”Anytime I think about my live show I try to view it from one of my audience member’s perspective,” he concludes. “I do a lot up there. I cover a lot of ground sonically. I’m trying to give myself room to grow.”

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Jonathon Linaberry


"....what’s here is consistently engaging and a sure footed path forward for a dedicated roots inspired blues/folk artist looking to keep the music fresh and contemporary without selling out."

− American Songwriter

"Spirit’s Furnace is a well-crafted work of art that will last the test of time and prove to become in a sense timeless. Thank you to all of the audio engineers, and most important thank you Jonathon Linaberry for pouring your heart and soul into this album."

− Grateful Web

"Music can either be a novelty or a revelation when it comes to invoking previous eras, and this is one man who is all about opening up our consciousness."

− The Morton Report

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