Svømmebasseng (translated: Swimming pool) is a synth-pop band that makes music with roots in 80s pop, disco and classic indie. Happy songs with deep lyrics that sticks to your brain and make you want to dance, smile and sing along characterize their sound.

The band which origin is in the capital, Oslo, released their first official single “Transit” in February 2014. The single went on to get a lot of airtime on national student radio, and got recommended by “Uhørt”, a credible and big show on the national frequency. Their debut album “Fløte” was released the 23 of May and was given great reviews from national press. National music magazine “Gaffa” stated that the album gave them a “star trip”. After the release, Norwegian radio stations have played “Transit”, “Innertier” and “Vrangstrupe” of the album.

This summer, the band have toured around Norway with their six-man orchestra, and impressed the audience along the way. The highlight among all the great shows was the “Klubbya” gig at Dattera Til Hagen. Here approx. 400 in attendance got themselves a lively, “dancy” and sweaty concert experience. Svømmebasseng visited the morning show (God Morgen Norge) that is hosted by TV2 and played “Innertier” and “Fløte” in the early hours. Soon the band will release new material with a developed and mature sound. During the summer the 6-piece have recorded four new tracks with acclaimed producer Kenneth Ishak. Ishak have a solid background from bands like Beezewax and Heyerdahl, and has also produced for acts like Kaja Gunnufsen. The 4-track EP will be released in the early parts of 2015. This October the band will also release a remix-EP where the track “Fløte” have gotten three hefty makeovers from Tarjei Nygaard (Untz Untz/Full Pupp), Martin Andal (Maksimal) and Electromagnetic Blaze.

Label: Brilliance

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"You don’t have another choice than to like what Svømmebasseng produce"

− srib.no

"A smooth and summerly debut"

− musikknyheter.no

"The subtile concept of 80s pop, classical indie and disco gives a lot of room for a properly shaped melody"

− gaffa.no

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