Oslo based artist Jakob Ogawa (20) searches the world for inspiration and merges elements from film, art and music. The result is refreshing and expressive – like a warm breeze in the cold winter night.

Having only released three couple of singles and an EP, Jakob’s music has already caught the attention of international tastemakers like NYLON, Colors Berlin, Gorilla vs. Bear, Gold Flake Paint, Urban Outfitters, Noon Pacific, Clash Magazine and more. The latter dubbing him “a 19 year old prodigy from Norway,”

In May, he released the single “You Might Be Sleeping”, a duet with 18-year-old Soundcloud phenomenon Clairo from Boston. The two musicians have never met each other, but together they’ve made two minutes and twenty seconds of musical magic. The sound is warm and dreamy, characteristics of Jakob Ogawa’s unique sound that has caught the attention of listeners way beyond the borders of his native Norway.

His second EP will be released in the fall.

Label: Playground Music

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"Jakob Ogawa is one of the young artists changing a global perception of Norwegian music."

− http://humanhuman.com/articles/20-under-20

"Was the shortest, but best record of the summer just released?"

− Subjekt

"Hailed as musical prodigy for his nostalgic approach towards mature and sensible indie pop offerings, 19 year old singer-songwriter Jakob Ogawa is one to watch."


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