Duck Duck Grey Duck, a super-charged three-piece power band that sounds more like a monolithic swing machine, happened by accident, without anyone even noticing. With a retro-super-future sound, their music is full of spontaneity and reminiscent of the vitality of old-school recordings. Californian reverbs, sex-beat tainted rock, hypnotic through the groove, in a single album they managed to achieve a post-modern sound by gorging themselves on the fruit of the vinyl. Fuzz is their sister, wah-wah their ally, both supported by deep and velvet drum lines, even through the storm of the up-tempo tracks.

Nelson Schaer and Robin Girod have known each other since childhood. They both rejected radio broadcasted sounds and focused rather on the turntables of their music- loving parents. Together, they develop a love and taste for black music that will provide inspiration for the large part of two decades. After each developing their own personal projects, they finally get together again and pick up Pierre-Henri Beyrière on the way, a 60’s freak, singles DJ, bass player with a rare touch and with uncontrollable fuzz. Look out for Duck Duck Grey Duck, in short a bunch of anti-guitar-heroes. Produced locally by the humble green-fingered super-experienced Yvan Bing (Moriarty, Wu-Tang Clan, Gilberto Gil …), the “Here Come” album sold out in the blink of an eye.

A road trip in vinyl and a jungle safari on stage!

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"Soul food for the eardrums. Why do we love bands like them? Because they sound like our friends. Duck Duck Grey Duck are in that kin, the kind of band that’d play in your backyard if you paid em in barbecue and whiskey ‘n cokes."

− slyvinyl.com

"Psych-Soul Revelation !"

− lesinrocks.com

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Friedhelm Hofmann

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